OHS Change Management

OHS Change Management

By George Robotham

Change managementIntroduction

I have been involved in various types of OHS change. The most effective has been where I have led or been a member of OHS project teams using change management and project management methodologies to drive significant OHS change.

The only thing constant in business is change. General organisational change principles can enhance safety change if they are applied thoroughly.

Introduction to change

Change has been around a long time.

I cannot say whether things will get better if we change, what I can say is that they must change if they are to get better. Georg Christoph Licthenstein, 1742-1799

Dr. Merv Wilkinson puts change into perspective when he says: Organisational change is a generic body of knowledge that is applicable across the board but only when contextualised into the particular workplace within the culture and people characteristics and professions etc. of the situation /workplaces.

Change management-The way forward.

Having spent two years undertaking tertiary study in the Management of Organisational change I have developed the belief that Organisational Change principles are particularly applicable to OHS Change. Successful safety change requires technical safety skills and change management skills. The safety professional is encouraged to read up on change management.


Refer to Organisational Change Management Principles under Articles on www.ohschange.com.au


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