Post Graduate Studies in the Social Psychology of Risk

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I have never seen such positive feedback on social media and forums as what I have for the recent course run by Dr Rob Long – read the testimonials at the end!

Post Graduate Studies in the Social Psychology of Risk

The first Post Graduate Program in the Social Psychology of Risk commenced on 17 June 2013 with an intensive Winter School in Canberra at the Australian Catholic University with Dr Rob Long, his team and 16 post grad students. The first cohort of participants are pictured here.

The Post Graduate Program is at Certificate level (4 units) conducted though a series of online and intensive face-to-face units with the initial intensive unit conducted face-to-face in Canberra. A Graduate Certificate is obtained by completion of 4 units, a Graduate Diploma by 8 units and Masters Degree by 12 units. One of the first students in the Program has decided to undertake PhD study and research in this area.

Whilst this cohort of students progresses through the Program, there is now opportunity for new students to enrol. If this is of interest more information about the Post Graduate Program can be obtained here or contact

The first unit, An Introduction to the Social Psychology of Risk, introduces participants to the who new frontier of how judgment and decision making is influenced by social arrangements and psychological dynamics. Pictures of the first group show features of the first unit.

Dr David Williams (Director Business Development) welcomes students to the University.

Craig works with the group on “Risk as a Wicked Problem’

Roy, Hamish and Geoff working on one of the group challenges

The group assembles opposite the site of the Canberra Hospital implosion tragedy (now the National Museum) at the memorial to the fatality of Katie Bender as part of a Case Study.

Part of the group on an experiential learning walk in study on visual and spacial literacy.

At the Forum Dinner with a presentation by Alan Castle AFP Commander at East Timor

Phil the magician entertains Chris (Enerflex), Felix (Jemena), Michael (Jemena), Roy (Prism) and Ken (R&R Cranes) in the psychology of misdirection and perception at the Forum Dinner.

A Selection of Testimonies and Recommendations by Participants

My journey along the Social Psychology of Risk pathway with Rob Long as my guide began over 18 months ago. I have been a Health and Safety practitioner for over 15 years and was looking for an explanation –  why people take risks and get injured? Rob’s first book,  Risk Makes Sense – Human Judgment and Risk exposed me to a wide range of concepts and theories that I had not previously considered. When the opportunity to participate in the Post Graduate Program in The Social Psychology of Risk I quickly arranged my work and family commitments to be one of the first to participate in this exciting program. I have completed the first intensive week and now find myself fully immersed in the concepts by masters in their field. Thanks Rob for kick starting my lifelong learning.

Geoff Hennessy

Safety Manager

Sinclair Knight Merz

RTIO Projects and Development


Do you ever wonder is there more to risk and safety than systems, procedures, forms and bureaucracy? Have you ever felt like something is missing? Ever considered how people fit into the systematic world of risk and safety? If you have ever asked these questions you will find help through the Post Graduate Program in the Social Psychology of Risk, Leadership, and Learning. These are the questions I was pondering until I read Rob’s book and now these studies have provided a new journey. Rob and his team have presented me with a new way to view the world of risk and safety that is people-centred and practical. Wow – what an experience on the program and I have a whole new way of understanding human judgment and decision making!! An absolutely amazing course that will change the way you view the world of risk and safety.

Rod Esdaile

Safety, Environment and Security Manager

Mars Petcare Bathurst

The Winter School programme of events was planned and sequenced to form a generative learning environment. The style and open discussions during the

lectures and presentations provided an opportunity to reflect on my current

knowledge and practices in risk, learning and safety. The transition from lecture room to outside venues provided a pragmatic and experiential view of the course content. I have already begun re-reading and reviewing the texts provided with a more informed approach. The assistance and responses to questions by the Human Dymensions team was exceptional and every detail was covered from start to the finish. The support staff and administration was excellent and always offered additional assistance. A most impressive start to the course with valuable informal interaction. I am now looking forward to the next units of study with enthusiasm.

Roy Fitzgerald


Prism Consulting

As both a psychologist with 25 years in the profession and a Safety Manager in the mining industry, Dr Long’s course was both intellectually refreshing as well as challenging many of the common held norms and beliefs within the safety world. His teaching style is engaging and encouraging and has certainly reignited my enthusiasm for understanding what makes human’s make they do around safety and risk.  I unhesitatingly recommend this course to anyone who wants to be challenged and then challenge the status quo.

Kieran Plasto

Sustainability Manager


Integra Coal Operations Pty Ltd

I strongly recommend this course of study if you want to learn about what really makes people tick and you want to change the way you view health and safety. Very refreshing, engaging and energising. If you’d like to hear more about my experiences as one of the students in the first group, I’m happy to take calls.”

Robert Sams

Director & Principal Consultant

Dolphin Safety Solutions


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