Coles Myer Contractor Induction

Coles Myer Contractor Induction

Coles Group Inductions (Kmart, Target, Officeworks and Coles)

Coles Group Inductions

Types of Inductions
There are three levels of contractor inductions for Coles Group sites:
  1. The Contractor General Safety Induction
  2. Store/Site Safety Orientation
  3. Industry specific inductions – for example construction industry inductions and Australian Institute of Petroleum (AIP) inductions required for Coles Express (More information)

Use this link:

Make sure you read their information pack first:

If you have already successfully completed the Contractor General Safety Induction, but have misplaced or lost your card then you can reprint a new one here:

image8 (1)NB: WE are not associated with Coles or Myer in any way – if you have any issues with this process then you will need to contact them directly.

Contractors must complete a Safe Work Method Statement (also referred to as an SWMS) for all works conducted on Coles Group sites.

The Contractor is responsible for ensuring that all Personnel have appropriate qualifications and are provided with adequate information, instruction and training prior to commencing work on MYER premises.

The Contractor will ensure that none of its Personnel undertake work unless they hold a valid licence, permit, certificate of competency or qualification as per MYER’s requirements and the laws of the relevant jurisdiction(s).

the Myer Contractor Online Training Module can be found here: (copy and paste in browser)

MYER Contractor  Safety Induction – Australian Requirements

It is the Contractor’s responsibility to ensure that all Personnel:

  • who will be performing Works on site, undertake the MYER Contractor safety induction before commencing work on site (available online at
  • undertake a site orientation before commencing work on site
  • complete any other required inductions such as those required by law or industry standards.

The Contractor will operate and maintain a complete record of all Personnel inducted.

Sign in Requirements

All Personnel must:

  • carry the MYER Induction Card with them at all times
  • report to the Site Manager or Delegate and sign the Sign In Register on arrival at the site
  • report to the Site Manager or Delegate and sign out on leaving the site for any reason
  • have a copy of the WMS before commencing any Work on site
  • wear a Visitor’s sticker or badge issued or approved by MYER.

Contractors should be aware of the following requirements:



  • The Contractor will discuss and agree with MYER the safety aspects of the contract prior to commencement of the Work and agrees that the Contractor is responsible to ensure that all Works undertaken comply with the relevant occupational health and safety laws.
  • Minors accompanying the Contractor’s Personnel will not be allowed on MYER sites (unless those minors are Personnel of the Contractor).
  • The Contractor is responsible for completing and supervising tasks using work practices which (subject to relevant laws) are acceptable to Myer
  • The Contractor is responsible for completing and supervising tasks in a manner which does not place the Personnel, Myer employees or customers or anyone else at risk.
  • Any incidents (which includes any near misses) involving the Contractor at a MYER site must be immediately reported to the Site Manager or Delegate.
  • The Contractor must ensure that the Site Manager approves the expected time of entry and the period for site access.  If access is required beyond the site’s normal trading hours, arrangements for after hours access are to be made with the same Site Manager, or their Delegate.
  • Vehicles must use only recognised entrances and exits when entering or leaving car parks.  Speed limits must be observed in car parks.  The Contractor must only park in those areas designated by the Site Manager.
  • Safety signs and equipment must be provided where a hazard results from work undertaken.  Safety signs must be obeyed and adequate safety equipment used for the purpose intended.

Work Method Statements (“WMS”)

A WMS must be prepared by the Contractor for all Works and must describe the Works to be completed, outline the steps involved and identify associated hazards and the risk control measures that will be implemented to eliminate or reduce risk.

The Contractor must ensure that all Personnel have a copy of the completed WMS (which must be provided to MYER on request), and must ensure that Personnel can demonstrate an understanding and successful implementation of all control measures outlined in the WMS.

If the Contractor is carrying out routine work, one WMS is sufficient for as long as site conditions remain unchanged.

Contractor Safety Management Plan

A Contractor Safety Management Plan is required for all new stores/sites, refurbishment works, NSW high isk works (as defined in NSW Occupational Health and Safety Regulations) and national/regional periodic and service contracts.

A copy of the pro forma Contractor Safety Management Plan can be obtained from the Site Manager on request.

Corrective Action Report (CAR)

Where an instance of a non-compliance is noted by MYER, a CAR will be issued to the Contractor.  The Contractor must propose corrective methods and steps that are reasonably acceptable to MYER and implement them within the timeframe specified in the CAR.  Both parties will act reasonably in seeking to reach agreement on the relevant timeframe in each case.

The completed CAR must be returned to the Site Manager or Delegate for review.


Audits of the Contractor’s safety management systems may be conducted by MYER to assess the level of compliance with its obligations to MYER and under relevant laws.  The Contractor must make available all premises, systems, Personnel, documentation and information necessary to enable MYER to ascertain the Company’s level of compliance.


Spotchecks will be conducted by the Site Manager or Delegate to ensure that the Contractor complies with the risk controls and other requirements outlined in the WMS, this document and all other documents to which this document refers.

If you were looking for the Woolworths (WOW) Contractor Induction:

Woolworths Limited is committed to putting safety, health and wellbeing at the centre of what we do and has implemented a Contractor Safety Management System across all business units within the group.

Contractors, vendors, demonstrators, merchandisers or other business entities who will work on a Woolworths Limited site must register with the Woolworths Limited Contractor Safety Management System before starting work

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