When Zero Doesn’t Work, Don’t Blame Zero

We read sadly about the continuing increase in the road toll across Australia (Deadliest six months on Australian roads since 2010 leaves industry demanding answers), despite all the billions of dollars in spending, road improvements and technological design. This year’s road toll is the highest in 10 years with some states increase at 65% higher (SA).

And as the experts call for more money, more data and more vigilance, the last thing that gets questioned is the ineffectiveness of the zero ideology that has been adopted by all jurisdictions over the last 10 years. And so, we hear a call for more data. Data doesn’t change motivation or perception. Constantly bombarding the general populace with zero, drives the opposite of mindfulness about risk.

Whenever and wherever Zero takes over as the ideology, all critical think ceases. This is because it runs under the radar as ‘just language’, ‘just a goal’ or ‘a slogan’. Few know how this Discourse shapes thinking and communicates to the Collective Unconscious. Indeed, few would even know what this is about. All they know is what they are doing doesn’t work and the solution is more of the same. And, for god sake, don’t jettison the ideology of zero.

Just think of how intelligent one looks when all these agencies trot out their ‘beyond zero’ ads whilst their road toll increases by 25-65%.

When the constant repetition of ‘zero’ appears everywhere, it drives less critical thinking, more mindless ideology and the delusion that it motivates anyone. There is no motivation in zero because it drives apathy, impossibility and suppresses strategy.

There is nothing so dumb and more insulting than the Toward Zero Campaign of Transport for NSW. But I know, let’s just keep telling the general population that your failed goal works!


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