23 Keys to Success for Safety People

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Many OHS professionals think they can be successful with technical skills alone, the reality is that a broad range of additional skills are required.

Key Success Factors

  1. Develop objectives and goals for what you do, if you do not know where you want to go you cannot go there
  2. Produce and expect succinct documentation
  3. Have huge but realistic goals
  4. Do the simplest thing that will work
  5. Remember the 7 P rule-Prior Preparation and Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance.
  6. Celebrate success
  7. Ask for and give regular feedback
  8. Identify and separate customer needs from wants
  9. Use face to face communication whenever possible
  10. Use real world approaches not theory
  11. Get some runs on the board quickly
  12. Do what gives you the biggest bang for your buck
  13. It is often the relationships you build not your technical skills that ensures success
  14. Keep promises
  15. Know your people and be gentle with them, treat others with respect
  16. Carefully define the scope of any project you take on
  17. COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE in a way that inspires
  18. Use a continuous improvement / quality management approach
  19. Give something free
  20. Communicate your expectations
  21. Do not take yourself too seriously and enjoy what you do
  22. Every now and again do something really silly
  23. Strategic approaches are important but make sure you spend enough time in the field that you do not lose contact with the everyday reality of how the business is managed
  24. Be on time for meetings and appointments. It shows your commitment to others.

PS: I know there are 24 but one of our readers suggested another one that we had to add

For a fuller exploration of this topic refer to Key Success Factors on ohschange.com.au

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