AS4801 Consultants

Recommended AS4801 Consultants, OHSMS Auditors, RABSQA Training and Systems Developers: Safety In Industry These guys are very keen to help construction businesses as they have personally managed large organisations and taken them through FSC accreditation etc. They have found that unless you have implemented and gone through the pain of an FSC accreditation you just… Read More AS4801 Consultants

Customer Service Tips for Safety People

  Customer Service Tips for Safety People OHS professionals have many customers-Their boss, managers, supervisors, workers, unions, employer associations, regulators, contractors, visitors and fellow professionals. You must adjust your mind-set to these people being customers and seek to satisfy their needs. Customer service The customer is king and you are stuffed without them. Always treat… Read More Customer Service Tips for Safety People

Safety Professionals–Interpersonal Skills

Safety Professionals – Interpersonal Skills By the late George Robotham When interviewing OHS professionals many interviewers focus on their technical skills. Frankly I think communications and interpersonal skills are much more important than technical skills. You can be really bright, you can be highly qualified and trained, you can be well read but if you… Read More Safety Professionals–Interpersonal Skills