Characteristics of admired leaders (Jim Clemmer)

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By George Robotham

Characteristics of admired leaders (Jim Clemmer)

Over recent years I have carried out a lot of research on leadership, there is a vast body of leadership knowledge that can be and should be applied to OHS. I believe leadership is the often forgotten key to excellence in most things we do. I have worked for a large number of lousy leaders and a very small number of great leaders.

My research into leadership has taken many forms and one thing I have discovered is that some of the high profile American leadership authors spend a lot of time telling you how incredibly clever they are, over sell their success stories and overcomplicate things.

If you type “jim clemmer” into Google you will locate his web site. There are a number of quite cheap books available. I do not know if it is still available but I was able to download a 200 page book free of charge. The book is interesting reading, easy to read, has a lot of quotes, case studies and anecdotes and made a lot of sense to me.

Characteristics of admired leaders-Jim Clemmer

Leaders take initiative and do what needs to be done rather than waiting for someone else to do something (They do not often follow and never wallow)

Leaders are authentic and lead by visible example, fostering openness and continuous feedback

Leaders are passionate and build strong commitment through involvement and ownership

Leaders lead with heart and rouse team & organisational spirit

Leaders grow people through strong coaching and continuous development

Leaders energise people by fostering two-way communication, inspiring and serving.

A bloke whose opinion I rate highly has suggested Max Depree as one of the better leadership authors, I will enquire into getting some of his books.

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