Contractors Charter

Useful document just sent in by George Robotham – may be useful for establishing and committing to obligations of both the contractor and the company hiring them:

Expectations of Contractors

As a contractor I am committed to work safely at all times and will:

· work in a way to minimise the risk to safety, health of myself and others and ensure that the work I do will not have adverse effects on the and environment

· not undertake tasks for which I am not appropriately licensed, qualified, trained or skilled

· comply at all times with all work instructions and safety procedures

· wear the required personal protective equipment appropriate to the task and site

· ensure that any tool I use is fit for its purpose and used accordingly

· provide information regarding hazards introduced by the work I am to perform eg. MSDS of substances to be used

· have a knowledge of and ensure compliance with all relevant regulations

· report back to the Site Manager if the conditions of work alter or the nature of my job changes

· follow the emergency procedures

· immediately report and injury, loss or incident which occurs as a result of my work

· report any opportunity for safety, health or environmental improvements

I have read and understand the expectations required of me.

Signed:                                                  Name:                                                              Date:

Commitment to your safety

As a company we will clearly indicate our expectations of you and will:

· provide you with a general safety, health and environmental induction to the site including emergency evacuation

· where appropriate provide specific induction and training depending on the scope of the work

· comply with all relevant legislative requirements relating to your safety, health and the environment

· provide you with the relevant information on the hazards associated with the work environment other activities which may impact on the work to be performed

· work with you to ensure that the work can be performed safely

· as required, give you special training on the hazards associated with the work

· where necessary, issue you with work permits and ensure you are fully conversant with the clearance requirements

· listen to your feedback and suggestions for improvements

If any of these conditions are not met then you should cease work and raise it with the person responsible for supervising your work.

Signed:                                                    Name:                                                     Date:


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