Accident Investigation Kit

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By George Robotham


The following is what I would regard as the ultimate investigation kit, it needs to be tailored to the likely types of investigation.

  1. Digital camera with spare batteries
  2. Video camera, blank D.V.D.’s, spare batteries, tripod
  3. Micro cassette recorder with spare batteries & tapes
  4. Tape measure (up to 50 metres)
  5. Specimen containers
  6. Number of sealable plastic bags
  7. Clipboard & writing paper
  8. Copies of accident report forms
  9. Copies of workers compensation application forms
  10. Disposable gloves
  11. High visibility barrier tape
  12. 4 cans Florescent spray pack paint (various colours)
  13. High quality torch & spare battery
  14. Stanley knife if do not have pocket knife on belt
  15. Marking pens
  16. Ruler
  17. Protractor
  18. Biros
  19. Statutory declaration forms
  20. 2xPortable flashing yellow lights
  21. First-aid kit
  22. Water
  23. Identification tags
  24. Magnifying glass
  25. Paper towelling
  26. Danger & Out of Service tags
  27. Cheap compass
  28. 6 Witches hats
  29. 3 lock-out devices and padlocks
  30. Bag to carry stuff in

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