George’s Christmas Message

George’s Christmas Message

I would like to wish Safetyrisk readers all the best for the festive season. I have enjoyed writing my various articles; hopefully you have found them interesting and more importantly useful. (see them all here)

There was a time in my life when I regularly drank and drove. Looking back on it, it is a miracle I am alive today.

I love a good drink but nowadays mainly restrict my drinking to home. I consciously avoid going to celebrations where I will end up having a drink. If I go to a celebration where grog is available I alternate a stiff drink with big water.

Back in my mining days I remember coming across an overturned car at the side of the road. The 2 occupants had spent about 2 hours at the happy hour at the mine boozer. The driver was trapped upside down by the seat belt; I cut the seat belt to release him.

By the time we got him out of the car he had no vital signs. He had lost a lot of blood from his injuries.

When I look back on my life I should have been killed or killed someone else.

Nowadays I have no sympathy for people who drink and drive, you are a bloody idiot if you do!

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