An OHS Advisor’s New Year Wish List

An OHS Advisor’s New Year Wish List

Guest post by George Robotham from

  • I continue not to smoke
  • I lose weight to a healthier range
  • I cut down on the wine
  • Give me the patience I need to positively influence the cretins I have to deal with
  • Make me a better trainer and communicator
  • Give me the skills to positively motivate the many people who are not interested in safety
  • Give me the skills to better manage my boss
  • Make me more understanding and empathetic with the people I interact with.
  • Make me read widely in safety and safety aligned fields
  • Make me welcome increased responsibilities as they will bring more chance of being successful, volunteer for the hard jobs
  • Ensure I grab every opportunity to learn about all things
  • Helping others to taste the sweet taste of success will bring success for me
  • Let me be a good personal and professional example to others
  • Help others garner support in endeavours and make dreams come true
  • Work towards my goals and help others do the same
  • Produce and expect succinct paperwork
  • Use face to face communications wherever possible
  • Go out of my way to involve people to be effected by a change process in the change process.
  • Make sure my family becomes before work
  • Use and develop allied skills as well as OHS technical skills alone. Effective OHS people need many skills over and above the technical skills, eg. Communications, interpersonal, leadership, project management, learning, change management, teambuilding, quality management etc.
  • Be gentle on myself and others but tough on the task
  • Celebrate success
  • Help me not to take myself too seriously
  • Help me to use teambuilding principles in my safety work
  • Help me provide excellent coaching / training on Safety Leadership to formal and informal leaders.
  • Help me to help others to use industry taxonomies of permanently life-altering personal damage rather than using enterprise “accident” experience to guide action.
  • Further develop my identifying bullshit skills, by the hell they are needed!

George can be contacted on, he welcomes debate on the above (it would be indeed a boring world if everybody agreed with George)

George Robotham, Cert. IV T.A.E.,. Dip. Training & Assessment Systems, Diploma in Frontline Management, Bachelor of Education (Adult & Workplace Education), (Queensland University of Technology), Graduate Certificate in Management of Organisational Change, (Charles Sturt University), Graduate Diploma of Occupational Hazard Management), (Ballarat University), Accredited Workplace Health & Safety Officer (Queensland),Justice of the Peace (Queensland), Australian Defence Medal, Brisbane, Australia,,,07-38021516, 0421860574, My passion is the reduction of permanently life altering (Class 1 ) personal damage

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