Free Safe Work Method Statement Example

How a Free Safe Work Method Statement Example Can Potentially Save Lives

The construction business always presents a workplace with imminent danger. If you do not agree, just look at the safety precautions a site implements for workers and engineers. Hard hats, boots, scaffoldings, safety nets, harnesses – the list goes on.

Protective equipment and practices are a must in construction sites because of the high number of risks and hazards. The government of Australia makes sure of this and applies a number of restrictions and qualifications, and requires appropriate paperwork to be filed in order for a construction company to operate.

One such document is the Safe Work Method Statement, or SWMS, in which the following information are specified:

1. Types of high risk construction work being done.

2. Health and safety hazards, and risks arising from such.

3. A description of how the risks will be controlled.

4. A plan on how the control measures will be carried out.

The SWMS is prepared prior to a high-risk construction project. It may prove to be a tough task for some contractors, but there are a lot of websites offering a free Safe Work Method Statement example, including local government offices which are responsible for such documents.

Making yourself familiar with a free SWMS example can contribute a huge deal to the safety of the workers involved in the project and prevent an unfortunate accident. A properly filled-out form will give you all the information you need to cover all bases and you can use this template in filling out your own form.

Since the risks and hazards are listed in detail, all parties will have knowledge of the impending danger/s the construction brings — no hidden risks, no hidden hazards. Most examples will show you how to rate these and supply a corresponding control measure. All pertinent data are also required to be written in the form, including site address and company details. This enables the governing local body to check if the site and the contractor are fit to push through with the project.

The most important thing with the SWMS is that you need to get your employees to sign on the document itself. Some may view this as an insurance for you as a contractor, but more importantly, it makes sure that your workers understand the tasks and risks they are up against. Doing so will ensure that they come in prepared physically and mentally to do the job.

Lastly, you will see in an SWMS example that the principal contractor also needs to sign the paper. This, on the other hand, ensures that you understand the high risk task to be carried out, and that you need to implement all safety measures pertinent to the project.

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