6 Safety Items Your Business Needs to Invest in Today

clip_image0026 Safety Items Your Business Needs to Invest in Today

Security is an often overlooked aspect of running a business, but it’s definitely one of the most important. Most people think that nothing will ever happen to them, but that’s the wrong mindset to have. Customers and employees should always feel good about being in your place of business because that’s part of the customer satisfaction experience, but that can be difficult when crime is lurking around the corner. A business that makes patrons feel unsafe is one that probably won’t see a ton of traffic or profit, so invest in these six safety items to ensure your long term success.

1. Security Cameras

When it comes to deterring crime, nothing seems to do the trick like placing CCTV cameras from SixTechSys.com all around the premises. Ideally, they would be placed in plain view so that people can see them and realise that they’re being watched. The benefits of installing security cameras in your business are many. First, their presence keeps thieves and other crooks on their toes. Criminals are less likely to do something illegal when they know that there are eyes on them. Secondly, cameras provide businesses with 24/7 surveillance. Thieves like to strike after hours when nobody is around, but surveillance around the clock will capture them in the act. Cameras allow business owners and employees to monitor the property without having to physically patrol the property. The captured images are usually sent to monitors displayed in an on-site security room, but they can also be relayed to offsite computers or even smartphones. The best areas to place cameras include: entrances and exits, front desk or reception areas, long hallways, inside vaults, in break rooms, and over areas that house valuable items.

2. Security Alarm Systems

Security alarm systems allow authorised persons to enter the place of business if they have the right access keys or codes. They ensure that entrances stay locked to the general public. When these entry points are breached, blaring alarms sound off to scare off the intruder and warn employees. Loud noises grab a lot of attention, and that’s the last thing that a criminal needs. Some security alarm systems automatically dial 911 or inform the local authorities of the break-in. Security alarm systems may be activated 24/7 or just during certain hours of the day. Access cards and codes may give employees access to specific on-site areas or the entire property. Alarm Company ensures around-the-clock protection and professional monitoring, so police and fire departments can respond instantly to your emergency when an alarm is triggered.

3. Emergency Chairs

Many emergency situations call for the evacuation of a building or relocation to a safe room. Unfortunately, not everyone may be physically healthy enough to get themselves to safety before it’s too late. Individuals who are recovering from injuries, those who have mental disabilities, children and the elderly, and people in wheelchairs may have a very difficult time traversing stairs. With an emergency chair or two in your place of business, these individuals can be hauled to safety with the aid of the healthy people around them. Emergency chairs glide smoothly over steps to allow for the low-risk ascending or descending of steps.

4. Smoke Detectors, Fire Alarms, and Fire Extinguishers

Fires are hazards that could show up anywhere unexpectedly. It’s a good idea to have safety precautions in place to prepare for them. Smoke detectors are devices that sound off when the presence of smoke is detected. They warn people of a possible fire nearby. Fire alarms are usually manually pulled to sound off when the presence of fire has been visually confirmed. Once on, an immediate evacuation of the building is in order. Fire extinguishers are last resort weapons used to control fires. They come in various types with different contents meant for different fire types. When using a fire extinguisher, it’s important to use the right one for the job as an incompatible one could result in the spreading of the fire and injury or death.

5. Door and Window Locks

The most obvious security measure is sometimes one that we often neglect. The best way to keep an unwanted visitor out of your place of business is to keep all the doors and windows locked. All too often, employees forget or fail to lock up properly, allowing trespassers to slip in through open entrances. Remembering to lock up every possible entryway during closing hours is the surest way to prevent a break-in. There are all kinds of lock types on the market, and you should choose those that suit your needs. However, always try to purchase the most heavy-duty and high-quality locks within your budget so that they aren’t easily picked or broken using standard tools and techniques. You can also do some research and check out Union Locksmith or another like service for a full audit and quote from an expert, who may have insights for your security plan you may not.

6. Safes

Safes are very appropriate for just about any kind of business. Most businesses store cash on-site, so having a small lockbox or combination safe on hand could keep the company’s earnings out of the wrong hands. Businesses that deal with valuable goods like fine jewellery or dangerous products like firearms should invest in safes to keep the stock safely stored away. Since there are many different types of safes out there, you should always be sure of what you need to store before buying something. Most safes utilise a lock and key, combination lock, numeric keypad, or biometric lock. All have their pros and cons. Sometimes it’s easier having a safe that opens up quickly, but sometimes it’s better to have something that’s borderline bombproof. It all depends on the contents, the danger level of your area, and your personal preferences.
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