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Lessons I Have Learnt about Management, Safety, Life and People

senior teacher  portraitIt gives me great pleasure to offer the 4th Free EBook in the series by the late George Robotham. If you missed the first 3 they were:

George’s first FREE EBook: Guidance for the beginning OHS professional
George’s second FREE EBook: Broader Management Skills for the OHS Professional
George’s third FREE EBook: What It Means To Be An OHS Professional

 Download George’s 4th Ebook Here

Introduction by George

Now I am old and decrepit I have had the chance to reflect on the many mistakes I have made in my life and articulate a number of lessons learnt. A little bit has come from reading and study but most of it comes from working with 3 wise leaders and critical reflection on practical experience. It is a personal document, what I regard as lessons for me may not be lessons for you and you may disagree with some of it. Many of the lessons have been learnt the hard way.

This is the fourth of 4 safety e books, the first is Guidance for the beginning OHS professional, the second Broader management skills for the OHS professional and the third What it means to be an OHS professional. The papers What makes a safety management system fly, 30 ways to stuff up a safety management system and What you need to know about health & safety leadership.


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