Secure your Construction Career with the Right White Card Course Provider


Secure your Construction Career with the Right White Card Course Provider

The construction industry is a rewarding career choice for many people. This is one of many sectors where you are able to see a physical manifestation of you and your team’s handiwork, like buildings, bridges and roads. There are a number of local and overseas job opportunities available in the construction industry. There are even different branching specialties in construction you can choose from.

In order to start your career in the construction industry, you need to avail of a white card course. However, picking the right training program is not as easy as it sounds. Taking one with the lowest price may cost your construction career in the future.

To ensure you are able to go far in your career, below are the things to look for when choosing an online white card course:


The first thing to check is if the company are a Registered Training Organisation or RTO. They must have the right qualifications before they are accredited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority. Uncertified establishments might have inexperienced trainers or unregulated practices.

Find the RTO number of the white card provider on their website or call to ask for it. Also look for a “Nationally Recognised Training” logo online. If you are not able to find either the number or logo, it is usually safe to assume the company is not accredited.

If you are able to find an RTO number and logo, the next step is to check the authenticity of their credentials. Simply visit and look for the white card provider’s name. You should be able to find their name and RTO number listed here.


If a provider’s credentials are authentic, the next thing to check is their trainers. Their staff should be experienced and qualified to properly train you. The right trainer should be able to teach you in a manner which you can understand. They should also be able to provide some real life examples of the lessons they are teaching.

A good way to assess a provider’s trainers is to have a quick chat with them. Ask them how long they have been teaching and how many students were under them during their career. Also ask them if they have other certifications or qualifications. Trainers should have a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment as a standard requirement.


A good white card course provider should have competent administrative staff who are able to provide optimal support. These staff should be able to answer your questions through email or calls. A provider without a good administration team could leave you frustrated through the whole process.

It is recommended to send a white card course provider an inquiry email and see how long it takes for them to answer back. Another good way to determine a provider’s administration staff’s competence is to call their physical office. Ask the representative a number of questions such as their teaching style and their policy. The staff should be able to answer them in a relatively clear and quick manner.


It is always important to check on the policy of a provider before committing to any of their online courses. For example, there are certain white card course providers which might require their students to pay for their training fees again should they fail any of the course. Others might impose a schedule which you are not able to follow due to time constraints.

Check with the company if they guarantee you will pass their training course. This is to ensure you do not have to pay more to obtain the white card certification. In this case, inquire with their customer support representative to determine how they can make sure you are able to pass their course. Certain companies might provide a flexible time schedule where you can access and continue the course at any time.


The last thing to consider when picking a white card course provider is how they deliver their certificates. Certain companies might take more than a week before they can issue your certificate in completing a course. This could be a problem for some. The long wait time might affect their chances of getting hired by a construction firm.

It is recommended to pick a provider who can provide your certificate within one business day after completing your course. Some companies may also be able to provide your certificate of completion through a digital document. The digital document is often provided via email or through their own website. You can use this to show employers your qualification for the job position you are applying for.

Secure your future construction career by using the guide above to find a reputable online white card trainer.

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