Zero Harm – Just Imagine

Originally posted on March 14, 2018 @ 2:45 PM

Zero Harm – Just Imagine

Depositphotos_9808082_s-2015Just imagine a world where no one is harmed at work. Imagine Utopia where no one skins a knee riding a bike, no one cuts their hand with a Stanley knife, no one falls over in the shower and no one gets dust in their eye on a windy day. Ah, imagine such a world. What a vision!

Just imagine a world with no trial and error, no stepping into the unknown or ‘leaps of faith’, all will be known through predictive analytics. Just think of the time when fallibility will be eradicated ( ), when humans will transcend the fallible and become trans-human ( Just think of a world of work where people are cocooned in protective shells and armour and there will be no slips, trips and falls. Won’t that be wonderful? What a vision!

Just imagine a world of no fear and worry, where safety officers have nothing to count and therefore nothing to do. Imagine when there is zero and no-one is harmed, when entropy is stopped and decay is no more. Just imagine what zero looks like in a perfect world with perfect people and perfect life. No mistakes, no need for insurance policies and no compensation. Just imagine zero is possible. What a vision!

Just imagine when everything stops, when we finally get to stasis. Just imagine the bells ringing and celebration when we get to zero. Imagine when all risk is eliminated and zero-risk is achieved ( s). Just imagine when risk is gone. Just imagine no falls, no trips, no harm. Think of it, no accidents. What a wonderful world that will be, a very different world when infallible humans reach zero. What a vision!

Just imagine.

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