Working Without Safety is a Dead End Job

Working Without Safety is a Dead End Job

clip_image005In today’s competitive environment, gaining the upper hand on your competitors is vital to secure and sustain on going work for your business.

My 30 + years in the construction industry has taught me that contractors are very very good at what they do, they can construct and build very efficiently and competitively. However, doing the hands on tasks is now becoming only a portion of what is required to secure a contract.

“Paperwork” which can mean to most, ‘anything other than actually building’, is becoming increasingly vital in proving to your clients that you are safe, well managed and capable.

Substantiating your value to your potential clients that you operate your business with robust, professional and effective documentation can mean the difference between winning or loosing a contract. Your bid and tender documents are the first screening mechanism your clients use in determining the good from the not so good contractors.

If you feel your paperwork (Safety documentation, bid documents, capability statements, management systems) are not up to scratch, this could be the reason you may not be getting a look in to some of your clients work.

Don’t let your competitors get the upper hand and improve your safety and systems and avoid ending up at that dead end job.

Safety in Industry have helped countless contractors and builders across the country in meeting their obligations under the Safety Act with Safety documentation such as Safe Work Method Statements, Safety Management Plans and Manuals and implementation of 3rd party accredited management systems to FSC implementations.

They also provide a number of other specialist services such as capability statement writing, tender and bid writing, and construction and safety management training.

Craig Clancy (B.App Sc – Const Mng)


Safety In Industry Pty Ltd

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