What it means to be an OHS professional

What it means to be an OHS professional

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In this e book I have reflected on my experiences in OHS over many years and tried to explain what OHS means to me. I have included some comment from other OHS people about what OHS means to them. General comment is given on what being an OHS person is all about. I briefly mention some of what I think are the more important skills for OHS people and give some advice on managing an OHS career. I finish with my vision for what excellent OHS in Australia would look like.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction4
  2. OHS Important Concepts
  3. Why “do” OHS
  4. What OHS means to me Personally
  5. What OHS means to Other OHS People
  6. 30 Ways to Stuff up a Safety Management System
  7. 20 Sure-Fire Ways to Stuff-up a Learning Program
  8. Doing the Impossible as an OHS Person
  9. What OHS People do
  10. Prerequisites for the OHS Person
  11. Starting Out in Safety
  12. Suggested Myths and Misconceptions
  13. Safety Culture and How to Improve it
  14. Should Cost Affect How you Control Risk in your Workplace
  15. Advice to New OHS People
  16. 25 Factors for Personal Success
  17. Why OHS People are less Successful than we Hope
  18. Why OHS People become Cynics
  19. OHS Skills
  20. Skills of the Excellent OHS Professional
  21. Learning Needs Analysis
  22. Learning Revolution
  23. What the OHS Professional can do to Improve Leadership
  24. The 15 Most Common Mistakes OHS People make
  25. Personal Characteristics of Safety People
  26. Critical Incident Recall Discussion Paper
  27. The Blame Game
  28. Safe Working Procedures
  29. Practical Tips for Learning Facilitation
  30. Job Safety Analysis
  31. Personal Damage Occurrence (accident) Investigation
  32. Communication Skills
  33. Interpersonal Skills
  34. Tool Box Meetings
  35. Teambuilding in OHS
  36. Managing Your OHS Career
  37. Resumes
  38. The Interview
  39. Recruitment Consultants
  40. Other General Stuff
  41. Professional Associations
  42. Reflective Journal
  43. Trust and Betrayal in the Workplace
  44. OHS Learning for the OHS Person
  45. Beaurocracy and Paperwork in OHS
  46. The 10 Commandments for the OHS person
  47. How OHS People can maintain their Motivation
  48. The Lessons Learnt
  49. Colin Powell on Leadership
  50. My Vision
  51. Conclusion



Other than stints in the Australian Regular Army as a surveyor and the Army Reserve as a truck driver and infantry soldier I have spent the majority of my working life in field, corporate, project and consultant OHS roles. In my nearly 4 decades in OHS I have worked in open-cut mining, underground mining, construction, manufacturing, disability services, education, office environments and a few other industries.

Brisbane based OHS consultant, Geoff McDonald, has been my mentor, coach and guide for most of my safety career. I value his safety work much higher than any other I have seen. Geoff has had a profound effect on how I view and approach safety.

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