Useful Risk Management Model

Management of Low Probability/High Consequence Risk

Thanks to George Robotham for his basic explanation of the very useful 9 box model

How often have we heard in regard to a high consequence risk “We have been doing it that way for 20 years and not had a problem” Disasters like the Moura explosion and the Longford disaster prove that plans must be put in place to manage low probability/high consequence risks. Focus groups experienced in operation of these risks will provide significant insight into management of these risks. Formal risk management approaches as outlined in the paper “The Hazard Management Process” by this author are essential. The December 2001 issue of “Safety in Australia” contains useful advice on managing this type of risk.




Equipment, / Engineering

The 9 box model says for the control of major hazards you must have equipment./engineering controls, safe working procedures and the appropriate skills / competencies. There must be prevention controls, controls to monitor the effectiveness of the prevention controls and contingency controls if the main controls are not effective. The aim is to fill the whole 9 boxes with as many controls as possible.

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