The Voodoo of The Hoodoo

Originally posted on April 9, 2021 @ 1:23 PM

The Voodoo of The Hoodoo

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADeleuze rightly states that the idea of common sense is: a dogmatic, orthodox and moral image of thought.

To recognise this is the first step in critical thought. If one cares to think about presuppositions in suppositions, then one is well on the way to thinking critically. This is the key to understanding the zero cult.

Well before one adopts the ideology of zero, a range of presuppositions have to be accepted, as follows:

  • Humans are infallible
  • Humans can achieve perfection
  • Mistakes are not normal
  • Error is wrongness
  • Good cannot come out of error
  • Harm is bad
  • Suffering is wrong

These are just some of the presuppositions of the zero cult.

When Heinrich created the Heinrich Hoodoo, who questioned his presuppositions? These being:

  • That reality can be represented numerically?
  • That causation is linear
  • That objects such as dominoes as metaphor represent living with risk
  • That there is a hierarchy in risk
  • That safety is a method

All of these presuppositions are unquestioned in the Heinrich Hoodoo and from these presuppositions all that follows is the Voodoo of the Hoodoo. Once the suppositions of the zero cult are accepted then follows the statements of faith and all the voodoo language of the cult.

Once one is inside a cult, there can be neither criticism or debate about its presuppositions, this is why Safety has such distain for philosophy, the love of wisdom. You will find nothing of a philosophical nature in any Zero convention. It is all about political acceptance of the Voodoo of the Hoodoo.

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