The Phenomenon of Safety – A Video

I was asked by Billy Snead if we could do a Zoom session on the nature of Phenomenology and its relevance to safety. So, we recorded out chat here:

Conversation with Billy on Phenomenology from CLLR on Vimeo.

As you will see in the video, Billy rightfully identifies that the philosophy of Phenomenology ( is a part of SPoR. SPoR also is anchored to Existentialist philosophy.

As with all philosophy, it is often challenging reading but of little interest to risk and safety. Indeed, many in risk and safety would not even be aware they are practicing the philosophical method of someone else. The most common philosophy practiced in safety through Behaviourism and Engineering is Positivism ( Positivism is closely associated with Scientism and the myth of the Scientific Method and objectivity. We see these clearly in all incident investigations on the safety market. Zero ideology is the product of this philosophy.

If you are interested in studying philosophy and its relevance to risk, you can study here:


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