SPoR Comes to Vienna June 2023

imageThis will most likely be the last visit of Dr Long to Europe. Those who wish to meet and learn with Dr Long (and Matt Thorne from Risk Diversity https://www.riskdiversity.com.au/ ) can start to make their plans for this series of Workshops to be held in June 2023. You can get detail and book your place here:


The two workshops on offer (and free semiotic walk) are:

· Advanced Semiotics and

· Advanced iCue Method

The venue in Vienna is yet to be decided however all details including meals are in place. We already have over a 20 registrations so looks like being a wonderful event.

These workshops though targeting advanced learning are also suitable for beginners who wish to observe and get started on a SPoR Journey. It is also a time to meet many people in the Northern Hemisphere who are already implementing SPoR in their organisations. Some of these people will be presenting short vignettes explaining how SPoR has changed the way they tackle risk and their successes.

If you are curious and wish to understand more about semiotics (the study of signs, symbol and the unconscious) and iCue (a SPoR visual and verbal method for tackling risk), the following videos are instructive:

· Semiotics Introduction: https://vimeo.com/135437986

· iCue Overview: https://vimeo.com/777948243

· iCue Demo Part 2: https://vimeo.com/782728022

· Advanced iCue: https://vimeo.com/783101851

You can also see other examples of iCue here:

· https://safetyrisk.net/understanding-icue-a-visual-verbal-semiotic-method-for-tackling-risk/

· https://vimeo.com/397747389

This is a great opportunity to meet people practicing SPoR methods in their organisations and to meet and understand what SPoR is about (https://safetyrisk.net/what-is-spor/).

The outline and registration is here: https://www.humandymensions.com/vienna-workshops/

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