SPoR and Semiotics, A Conversation

Matt and I launched our new book SPoR and Semiotics without much fanfare and this was quite deliberate. This is the thirteenth book released in the Social Psychology of Risk and brings together all of the tools, methods, semiotics and models practiced by SPoR. (FYI, downloads of SPoR books now exceeds 750,000)

SPoR and Semiotics is a book primarily for people interested and studied in the methodology of SPoR. Without an education in SPoR, many of the methods in the book won’t make sense. Similarly, if one can’t think semiotically, the rationale of the book won’t make much sense either.

If you do download the book you will see and open and transparent presentation of how SPoR helps people tackle the challenges of risk.

You can free download the book SPoR and Semiotics, Methods to Tackle Risk here:


So, Matt and I had a chat about what the book means to us and you can see that conversation here:


The conversation is just a reflection on the book and what it means to us.

We also put it up as a podcast:


SPoR has been working in organisations for over 20 years helping people tackle the challenges of risk and safety. If you want to know more about SPoR you can read here:

If you want to start exploring SPoR we have two free modules here:

If you would like a 2 hour online demo what SPoR is about, including practical examples, Matt is happy to help:




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