In the recent days since the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, much has been said regarding this. A particular post on Facebook from Australia journalist Van Badham particularly took my eye.


The third point is particularly poignant to safety. Safety invests in its symbols with a different meaning than Social Psychology of Risk (SPoR). But like the British Empire, the Safety Empire sees change as a loss of power.

Where an Industry sees itself as an arbiter of truth, humans as a system, and aspires to the impossible through Zero Harm, we see an industry that is hopelessly mired in its own myopia.


Social Psychology of Risk does not ignore Risk and Safety, indeed as the Risk and Safety Maturity Matrix (symbol and myth) shows, SPoR methodology understands that workspace is complimentary to Headspace and Groupspace.

Social Psychology of Risk allows for learning, care, helping, people, listening, trust, relationship and conversation

In a period of flux, where workers are demanding more psychosocial care, moving jobs is the norm, and a greater understanding culture by the workforce in general, Safety needs to reinvent itself.

Safety needs to embrace the humans it seeks to prevent exposure to harm. Instead when one safety propaganda dies, Safety puts an extra roman numeral ( I, III, IV etc) behind it and calls it a new dynasty.

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