Safety in The Land of Norom from the Book of Nil

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Safety in The Land of Norom from the Book of Nil

Chapter One

image1:1 And it came to pass in the land of Norom that Adam was convinced that others were evil. These others were the Malamutes, those neighbour aliens who did not believe in Zero, the brother of Safety and Compliance.

1:2 The Malamutes were resisters to the way of Zero and practiced in the ways of Risk and Care. Malamutes questioned all the rituals of Norom and worshipped the false gods of Gnosis, Soma, Elutheria and Psyche.
1:3 And Zero spoke to Adam and said, ‘you must make a sacrifice of a Malamute for they are disobedient to our rituals and are non-believers … there is no other way to absolute purity except through ritual sacrifice, which is for atonement of sins’. So Adam looked throughout the alien land of the Malamutes for the most non-compliant and found Eve.

1:4 Eve was evil in the sight of Zero because she asked questions and was critical of the ways of Norom.

1:5 Eve questioned all Norom knowledge and argued that fallibility was real. All questioning and debate was interpreted as non-compliance and this provoked Zero’s need for sacrifice.
1:6 And so it came to pass that Adam called forth the brethren of the temple of None and established a sacrifice ritual to Zero in the name of Safety and Compliance.

1:7 And the Noroms formed a group to ritualise the sacrifices of the non-confirmed, those who questioned the gods. The group were called the priests of Nil after the book of the eternal god Zero. Adam was made High Priest.

1:8 And Adam developed a system to police the non-conformers and all those who were deniers. Adam declared the belief in Zero the official state religion and all those who were non-compliant were made enemies of the Norom Empire.

1:9 Eve was captured and confined and tortured in seeking a confession of affirmation in Zero but she did not relent. She was held in captivity pending her sacrifice.

1:10 Meanwhile in the land of the Malamutes, Eve became a symbol for all resistors and deniers, even to those in Norom who were trapped in the religion but did not believe it.

1:11 So Adam built an altar in the temple of None so that Eve could be sacrificed, this was the atonement required by Zero.

1:12 Even so, Eve argued that harming her was a contradiction to the Zero religion but this simply made the Normons more angry. Eve must be tortured then in preparation for ritual sacrifice.

Chapter Two

2:1 And Adam constructed a code for the Empire through the rituals of Indoctrination, Propaganda and Confirmation Bias, called ‘The Way of Zero’.

2:2 The Way of Zero was declared absolute knowledge so that any questioning of the Book of Nil or ‘The Way’ was deemed evil.

2:3 The Book of Nil declared the Way of Zero and the gods were indeed very pleased.

2:4 With the coding of the rituals came great passion and violence so that all sacrifice was declared a good.

2:3 Human sacrifice was necessary so that all harm could be demonised in the name of Zero.

2:4 Any Malamute who spoke about any contradiction in Norom doctrine was also to be sacrificed on the alter of None.

2:5 So a secret cult developed in Norom called Mutes, those who said nothing but believed in Risk and Care.

2: 5 But the way of sacrifice was deemed to eradicate all evil so purity could be established on the path to infallibility and perfection in the land of Norom.

2:6 And the people of Norom were please with all they had made and worshipped Adam as a great symbol of all that was good. Adam has become the son of Zero, the great servant of Safety and Compliance.

Chapter Three.

3:1 The day of Eve’s sacrifice was set and the alter prepared so that the gods could be pleased. And thousands of Noroms flocked to the temple of None to witness and feel the power of the atonement sacrifice.

3:2 The temple of None was cleansed through chanting of mantras and slogans as the priests of None and Nil circled the temple. The Malamutes called this ‘The Great Noise’.

3:3 and each Norom had to come to None and offer praise to the gods and purchase books of Nil in worship in proof of their faith. Noroms who did not bow down at the alter were suspected as Mutes and too listed for sacrifice.

Chapter Four

4:1 So, Eve was sacrificed in a great ceremony on the day that became known as ‘The Great Fall’, to signify those who made themselves fallible in the sight of Zero and the gods.

4:2 and Zero was pleased with all He could see and the sacrifice of Eve was made an atonement for the sins of dissent in Malamute.

4:3 The gods of Safety, Compliance and Zero declared a holiday for the day of sacrifice in the name of Health and the Well Being of the Empire. The malamute gods were declared false gods.

Chapter Five

5:1 The Noroms soon realised that pleasing the priests and following The Way and the Book of Nil were not to be questioned. And Compliance was happy with the smell of sacrifice on the alter of None.

5:2 Soon cults appeared in the temple of None called Real Unity Zero (RUZ), Toward all Zero (TaZ), Zero Plus (0+), Women of Zero (WoZ), Young in Zero (YiZ), Zero 1 & 2 (Z12) and Infinity Zero (IZ). Each cult wrestled for power within the religion of Norom.

5:3 and the gods were pleased with all the cults except for the underground cult of Mutes. The priests purged the land seeking all Noroms who were Mutes and many were listed for sacrifice. And fear became the way of good and sacrifice the way of purity.

5.4 and the Noroms called the Mutes ‘The Daughters of Eve’ and a reign of terror began called The Great Campaign.

5:5 tracts of Nil were spread and those who would not repeat the mantras and slogans of Zero were also deemed ‘Daughters’ and listed for sacrifice.

5:6 and so this became known as the Rule of Norom and the Malamutes were with wailing and gnashing of teeth because they were distraught by the seeking of sacrifice and the demonization of all they knew to be true.

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