Networking for OHS professionals

Networking for OHS professionals

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Networking is essential for OHS professionals to extend their sphere of influence.

Networking tips

  1. Define your goals for networking
  2. Be a great public speaker and search out every opportunity to present
  3. Update details on social media
  4. Participate in safety discussion forums
  5. Give something free, give without expectation
  6. Volunteer for positions in organisations
  7. Ask open-ended questions
  8. Become known as a resource for others
  9. Follow up quickly on conversations
  10. Attend networking events
  11. Join your local chamber of commerce
  12. Say thank you
  13. Give and you shall receive
  14. Move out of your comfort zone
  15. Always have plenty of business cards with you
  16. Follow up in a way that has meaning for the other person
  17. Write a column for the local newspaper
  18. Have a well developed web site that gives away free stuff

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