Look back at the OHS books of 2015

Look back at the OHS books of 2015

by Kevin Jones

First published here: http://safetyatworkblog.com/2015/12/16/look-back-at-the-ohs-books-of-2015/

All professionals need to keep up with contemporary thinking and not only in their own discipline.  Below is a list of the books that I have read and reviewed in 2015.  This is followed by a list of the books still in my reading pile that I will get round to soon.

Books I have written about this year:

Workplace Bullying by Joseph Catanzariti and Keryl Egan

Job Quality in Australia edited by Angela Knox and Chris Warhurst

Master Work Health and Safety Guide 2nd Edition, CCH Wolter Klouwers

Ten Pathways to Death and Disaster – Learning from Fatal Incidents in Mines and Other High Hazard Workplaces by Michael Quinlan


As Australia breaks for its usual hot and dangerous Summer and the Northern Hemisphere curls up for warmth, don’t read any of these books.  Pick up a pulpy detective or romance novel and allow your brain to relax and reboot.  You’ll appreciate next year’s batch of safety books all the more.

Kevin Jones

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