Job Safety Analysis

Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

Another article by the late George Robotham. You can find more of his work at here: SAFETY REFLECTIONS


Job Safety Analysis (J.S.A.) is a simple yet highly effective technique that is under-utilised in industry.

Download a Job Safety Analysis Worksheet from Worksafe here: [download id=”172″]

J.S.A. should be used with critical tasks-

1 High risk tasks

2 Tasks with an incident history

3 New tasks

J.S.A. is based on the principle that any job or task can be separated into a set of relatively simple steps and that the hazards associated with each step can be identified. Solutions to control hazards at each step can then be developed and written into safe working procedures.

The advantages of J.S.A. are

1 S.W.P.’s can be developed for skills training and use on the job

2 Developing J.S.A.’s helps to raise the safety awareness of workers

3 Assists in making observations of safe behaviour

4 Involves workers in the safety programme in a relevant, meaningful manner

J.S.A. Technique-Summary

1 Select the job or task to be analysed

2 Separate the job into its basic steps

3 Identify all the hazards / potential losses associated with each step

4 Evaluate your options for hazard / loss control action

5 Establish controls for each hazard or other potential loss area

6 Prepare a Safe Work Procedure


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