If Psychosocial Health Matters, Stop Hot Desking

An Aspiration for Nothing or

If Psychosocial Health Matters, Stop Hot Desking

There’s no point in having an aspiration or wish for a safe workplace if it’s just ‘pie in the sky’.

There is no point in wishing for nothing, that’s what Zero does (https://safetyrisk.net/book-launch-zero-the-great-safety-delusion-free-download/).

So, after all the hullabaloo about psychosocial (hazards) health, what is the point if the fundamental structures that harm people remain the same?

What is the point of a mining company pontificating about zero harm then destroy people through FIFO and DIDO?

What is the point of parading around some sanctimonious faux care about health (you know that middle letter in WHS) from a workstation in a hot desking environment?

If you interested in hot desking here is a comical satire about it:


and, I have written about this before.

The research is clear, hot desking harms people, injures people and brutalises people:

Never mind, we don’t count those forms of harm so we can keep the delusion of zero in place. Nothing like a good delusion to keep safety unprofessional.


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