iCue as Visual Verbal Risk Assessment – A Video

One of the positive methods of SPoR is the use of visual-verbal knowing in risk assessments we call iCue ( ). It takes some learning to develop competence in iCue Engagement but it is worth it for the change it brings in how you practice and humanise with others about risk. This also involves some unlearning of safety mythology eg. that events are linear and ordered.

Anyone who studies SPoR quickly learns that it has concrete, practical and positive methods that can be learned over a period of a few months. Once these are learned it doesn’t take long for them to become intuitive. Unlike the many paper-based forms used in safety, SPoR uses visual-verbal methods such as iCue mapping ( to tackle risk and humanise persons. SPoR methods are unique and based on extensive research and practice in semiotics, linguistics and poetics ( Unfortunately, these are of no interest to safety.

Many tools and resources offered by SPoR are free.

You can read a case study of how SPoR works in a global organisation here: But, SPoR works just as easily in very small organisations. BTW, visual and verbal mapping are just as acceptable as evidence in court as a 40 page risk assessment or an engineer’s report.

In this video Nippin and Rosa discuss a simple example of practicing iCue in a risk assessment. However, iCue can also be used with large groups and highly complex situations. All of the tools of SPoR are copyright and trade-marked so that only people who have studied SPoR have permission to use its methods. This ensures that what is practiced is delivered with competence and skill.

You can view the video of Rosa and Nippin here:

If you want to learn SPoR you can register for the workshops soon to be held in London 20-22 March ( ).

It will also be wonderful to see Nippin and Rosa present in Canberra in May at the SPoR convention ( They will be there as well as other presenters from Canada, USA, NZ and Europe, all practicing SPoR methods in risk and safety. You can see an outline of the program here:

You can register online or email for your early bird discount of 20%.

If you decide to come to Canberra you will meet others who are practicing the positive, practical methods of SPoR and how this make a difference in the way they tackle risk.



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