Guidance for the beginning OHS professional

Guidance for the beginning OHS professional

Our most prolific Guest Writer, George Robotham, is writing a book and would appreciate some input

Update: Sadly George passed away very suddenly in Sept 2013 – he finished his book and it has become an incredible legacy – GET A COPY HERE

I have set myself the task of writing a book in 2013 with a title something like the above. Some of you may have seen my earlier attempt on this blog a month or so back. My aim is to rework and build on this earlier publication. I am going to try to make the book easy to read and grounded in practice

Some of the topics I intend to cover include-

  1. George’s learning from practice
  2. Class 1 personal damage
  3. industry taxonomies
  4. Safety management systems
  5. Tool box meetings
  6. Writing policy and procedures
  7. Safety culture
  8. Zero harm
  9. Behaviour based safety
  10. Emergency management
  11. Safety leadership
  12. Accident investigation
  13. Auditing
  14. Tertiary OHS education
  15. Effective learning.
  16. Mentoring
  17. Teambuilding
  18. Communications skills
  19. Interpersonal skills.
  20. Force-field analysis and other group problem solving techniques
  21. Management of organisational change

I would appreciate it if you could advise of your thoughts on my suggested topics and any other topics you would like to see included. For those of you who have been down a similar path you might like to give me some tips.


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