Free Safety and Risk Lunch n Learn

Free Safety and Risk Lunch n Learn

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  • What is your cultural language?
  • How is risk or safety spoken about?
  • How is risk or safety training spoken about?
  • Is it something your workforce endures, or is there excitement, expectation and positivity?
  • Has your organisation’s induction been designed by a learning expert and presented by experienced and trained presenters? Or is it accidental, haphazard and boring?

Human Konnexions and Human Rysk specialise in supporting organisations to improve their risk and safety culture. We do this by enabling leaders and managers to better understand how people make decisions and judgments around risk. We utilise our knowledge of social psychology and extensive industry experience in construction, oil, gas, mining, manufacturing, electrical and gas distribution, transport and retail.

We offer a range of consulting services and training programs, all designed to help your company reach its potential. Whether you’re looking for short-term training or long-term mentoring and support; we have the expertise and capability to deliver your needs. Human Konnexions and Human Rysk deliver custom solutions – tailored to you, your industry and your individual needs.

Human Konnexions and Human Rysk work collaboratively in developing real relationships with you and your team. Working with us is a personal experience and focused on a relationship rather than being transactional. Safety and risk management is not about creating further paperwork for your organisation; it is about utilising the organisational strengths and knowledge which already exist, as a platform for organisational success!

The ISO standards (AS/NZS 31000 and subordinate handbook HB 327) emphasise the importance of addressing social-psychological and cultural factors in risk management, and the communication of risk. HB 327 in particular, emphasising the importance of understanding human perception, uncertainty, rules of thumb, heuristics and social-psychological conditions in the management of risk. To fully engage with risk, we must tune into the more complex human factors of communicating risk as outlined in HB 327.

We strongly believe that it is critical for an organisation to make ‘sense’ of risk if we are to engage others in tackling risk and developing risk maturity. So too is it necessary for people and organisations to learn, mature and grow throughout the risk management journey. For this reason, our Programs target a new frontier in Health and Safety; and consider how perception, motivation, recognition, Organisational Sensemaking, Collective Mindfulness and engagement styles (observing, listening, communication and conversations) are all conditioned on an understanding and development of hazard and risk decision-making.

All services and programs delivered by Human Konnexions and Human Rysk are founded upon evidence-based practice and extensive research. Whilst we can deliver pre-packaged services and programs, delivered to others before; we prefer to evaluate, assess and develop context relevant and specific services and programs to suit your business needs.

Human Konnexions and Human Rysk adopts a ‘community of practice’ model of working with others. Our team members are:

  • Experienced practitioners of health, safety, risk and injury management
  • Each extensively experienced (minimum of 15 years practical experience) across a range of diverse industries e.g. construction, oil, coal seam gas, marketing and mining.
  • Post graduate qualified in social psychology of risk principles and other associated disciplines
  • Qualified and competent Trainer / Assessors
  • Committed to, and enjoy working with and understanding people
  • Enjoy engaging in conversation and learning as part of a ‘community of practice’
  • Certified Majors Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) Facilitators
  • Pro-active in pursuit of self-development, learning and ‘community of practice’ initiatives.

Why not connect with us for an obligation free ‘lunch and learn’ session to hear more about how Human Konnexions and Human Rysk can help you in making your workplace a safer, healthier and more resilient organisation? We look forward to working with you in the future!


Dee Henshall, Director – Human Konnexions

Mobile: 0417 609 264




Dennis Millard, Director – Human Rysk

Mobile: 0427 052 998



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