Free Safe Work Method Statement Template

Simplify The Process Of Compliance With The Help Of A Free Safe Work Method Statement Template

The Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2007 demands that an SWMS or Safe Work Method Statement should be prepared before high risk construction work commences, or if anyone’s health and safety will be put at risk because of a job. It’s an important requirement that members of high-risk industries must provide so they can proceed with operations without any hitches.

The Safe Work Method Statement presents a comprehensive process for identifying and controlling health and safety hazards and risks. It also lays down the company or employer’s legal duties pertaining to the safety of workers who shall be carrying out high risk construction work. The standards are rather stringent and it’s imperative to meet all of them right away to avoid delays in the completion of the project.

Long established construction companies are already quite familiar with the requirements to be met through the SWMS so they don’t really worry so much about submitting one to authorities. However, new operations may find the creation of an SWMS rather daunting (and even more so if they’re pressed for time). There’s the desire to be really quick in completing the requirement, but more importantly, they should make sure that all policies are covered and properly addressed in the statement. Any company hoping to complete a project without any hassles knows how crucial it is to submit complete requirements to authorities; if they miss certain things, not only will the project be delayed (and the client be dismayed), but it can also mean duplicate efforts for key people in the project.

If your company is in this situation and time is working against you, there’s a great solution to ensuring complete compliance at literally half the time it would normally take the usual process. Your company can take the practical route and use a free Safe Work Method Statement template which you can get online. This template was created by industry professionals; your company no longer has to waste time on guesswork about what the statement should contain or present.

For a free SWMS, click here. You can download a free SWMS template there and simply customise it with your company’s information. And, if you explore the website further, you will find other free resources such as SWMS samples and extra information regarding the standards and legal obligations your company has to discuss in the SWMS.

Submitting this important requirement no longer has to be a big burden for your company. In no time, you can have the SWMS ready so work can finally start.

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