Free EBook – Effective Safety Management Systems

Free Ebook Effective Safety Management Systems

safety managementLast in the Series By the late George Robotham – sadly George passed away suddenly in Sept 2013 – please enjoy his incredible legacy.

George’s 7th (and last  Ebook) Effective Safety Management Systems

Download The Ebook Here 

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Table of Contents

  1. What Makes a Safety Management System Fly
  2. 30 Ways To Stuff Up a Safety Management System
  3. What Is Right With The Way OHS Is Managed
  4. Where Is OHS Going Wrong?


I would like to sit down over a beer and a feed and explore your thoughts on safety management systems.

Safety management systems appear to be the centrepiece of many organisations’ OHS approach. Some I have seen have been lousy, a small number very good and the majority barely adequate………

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