Free and Really Useful: Downloadable First Aid Posters for Workplaces

Free and Really Useful: Downloadable First Aid Posters for Workplaces

Accidents are always a possibility. Even in the safest and most secure facility there is always the chance that an accident can take place.


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While some workplaces are clearly more hazardous than others, accidents can happen anywhere. A construction place has more potential hazards than an office, but an accident can still happen in an office. That is why making sure that workers are aware of first aid is very important.

All employees should be trained with the right first aid procedures. They should have at least some knowledge on how to deal with the hazards that their workplace presents.

Having first aid posters around the workplace can help a lot to guide workers with what they have to do when dealing with an emergency. The poster will help remind them how to do the right steps.

The Power of First Aid Posters in the Workplace

Because of the availability of first aid posters from the internet, they are increasingly used in workplaces. They can be effective reminders when displayed prominently where employees would be able to see them.

First aid posters are not decorations at all but are effective visual aids for safety. It is a discreet way of communicating with employees without having to repeat the safety message all the time.

Where should first aid posters be placed?

This is an important question that should be answered to ensure that posters can serve their purpose. If the posters cannot be seen by employees they will be useless.

Ideally, posters should be placed in areas where traffic is heavy. That’s where employees would have a higher chance of seeing the posters and actually reading them.

The information displayed by a poster should also have a role in determining where it would be placed. For example, a poster containing information about first aid for fall or crush injuries should be placed in construction areas.

First aid posters about slips and spills should be placed in laboratories or chemical warehouses. In other words, the first aid poster displayed in a work area should match the potential accidents that could take place there.

It should be clear though that first aid posters should not be considered as replacements for actual first aid training. Employees, especially those who work in places that are prone to accidents should be trained to handle the kind of incidents that they might encounter.

The posters should only be used for reminding them on the steps that they should already know.

5 Smart and Catchy First Aid Posters for your Workplace

There are different types of emergencies that can take place in a workplace and for each medical emergency there is an appropriate type of response and first aid. There are posters that are available for each type of first aid.

A good first aid poster should have a clear message and aim. That message should be carried by an effective slogan. Since posters are visual aids, they should also have relevant images.

An effective poster also needs a readable font and should be visually attractive. To achieve that, the texts and graphics should have a balanced placement.

1. First Aid Poster for Burns

In some work areas, burn injuries can be a risk. A simple poster with a clear message and relevant image can help employees who would respond to such an injury.

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2. First Aid Poster for Cuts

In some workplaces where manual work is done, employees are prone to cuts and wounds. A simple poster can tell them of the proper steps to take.

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3. Poster on How To Avoid Trips, Slips, and Falls

Any workplace is prone to trips, slips and falls. This poster can remind people how to avoid them.

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4. Every Second Count Poster/Learn First Aid Poster

In cases of medical emergencies each second matters. This poster reminds employees of that crucial fact.

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5. Ergonomic Safety Poster

Working in an office still poses health hazards. A poster about ergonomic safety, like this one, can help reduce those risks.

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More first aid posters and first aid resources are available in Alsco’s Beginners Guide to Workplace First Aid.

About Alsco:

Alsco is a leading provider of fully managed First Aid Kits rental and Nationally Accredited First Aid and Fire Warden Training Services for Australian businesses. These services ensure its clients continuous WH&S compliance.

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