Finally – A tech safety solution for non-techs

Finally – A tech safety solution for non-techs

Pinpoint your safety hazards

Ever had to capture a safety hazard or risk on an excel spread-sheet or in the written form, file it with the safety officer and then hope like hell that the matter is acted on before someone is hurt? We all know that the longer a risk or hazard sits out there unresolved, the greater the chance that risk or hazard will result in harm to people or property.

I’ve seen a myriad of tracking and safety escalation systems that try to do this but none better than a digital solution I was fortunate to recently stumble across here in Brisbane. Safety Pinpoint combines perfectly because it:

· visually delights with a very simple and highly configurable ‘drag and drop’ functionality

· is time stamped and enables the safety team to be immediately aware of the nature of the issue but also exactly where its located

· immediately escalates so that the matter cannot go unresolved

· has a very smart back-end that synthesizes data; allows for simple one click reporting; creates opportunities to analyse data to better allow the user to understand the types of safety issues that prevail; where they are located over time; where resources need to be directed; and even how to target training to reduce incidents and accidents over time

· is highly affordable and can integrate seamlessly with any other internal system you might run

Safety Pinpoint has no comparable platform and solves the problem of not requiring endless paperwork to capture a safety hazard or risk thereby making it quicker and easier for staff to report. Its immediate and its visual and the user can quickly attach a photograph or image at point of upload.


While Safety Pinpoint’s website ( is currently in rebuild, its foundations are in the highly successful Social Pinpoint platform (see which has been actively used across a range of large council, infrastructure, construction and resource projects in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Canada and North America. Contact them through either website or simply contact me and I’d be delighted to pass you on to their dynamic team.

My firm belief is that this type of front end is the future of capturing and reporting safety issues. My initial thoughts are that it could also be an excellent tool for sharing of information at shift change and for asset and maintenance reporting and management. Impressive and flexible and fully operational by a non-tech!

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