Day 12 SPoR in Europe

Day 12 was the start of a new module and a new group, all excited to learn advance iCue method. The iCue method brings together the two foundational codes, WS, HS and GS and 1B3M.

Those who reads the pages of this blog site will know about this positive practical effective method for engaging others in real time risk assessments.

Once again field work discovery was used to capture the basic elements of iCue Questioning and Listening. This was not done through technique but Rob emphasised the importance of being oriented towards others. iCue is just as much a disposition as a method. iCue is a visual, verbal, poetic, mapping, relational method for facilitating engagement, listening and ‘surfacing’ the unconscious.

If you look at this definition each element is so powerful. This method is light years away from check listing, auditing, policing and paper-based bureaucracy.

It is such fun mapping and coding the conversation, taking a picture of the board and clipping it to the risk assessment. It makes the whole process come alive. And the participants loved it. Much of this day and the next day was learning to undertake iCue engagements and learn to do them better through doing and discovery.

Some of the exercises involved was video recording work ,and this was also fun.

The outcomes of the two days were people enabled to undertake iCue engagement at an advanced level. I have no doubt that they will never do a typical safety risk assessment again.

There is simply so much in this method and what it can give, that the group committed to further study into the future. Once again we have a practical positive method of SPoR that has to be experienced to be understood. Yet so free and open that anyone can do it at its basic level. I have been doing and coaching iCue now for 5 years and it is amazing. After 15 years of auditing, it is impossible to describe the difference that iCue makes in Risk Assessment.

So, this brings to the end my two week  journal of SPoR in Europe. As I reflect on these two weeks, I am overcome by the powerful effectiveness of SPoR and its methods to help people practice Risk and Safety.

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