Clubs Industry Workplace Safety Management

Clubs Industry Workplace Safety Management

Clubs Industry Guide to Workplace Safety 2014/15 – Released

CB4-4-Chart-Image72dpiPro-Visual Publishing, with the support of the National Safety Council of Australia, has recently released their 2014/15 annual Clubs Industry Guide to Workplace Safety. This year’s guide was distributed to club industry managers throughout Australia to inform and keep them up-to-date with the most recent laws and regulations for the Industry. Prominent topics in this year’s guide include WHS management systems, Venue Safety Plan guidelines, and internal issues, including bullying and workplace stress.

The new Work, Health and Safety laws have created some changes for workers, however, this year’s guide highlights the important topics that will not be impacted, such as management commitment, training and instruction, management of risks and more. It is also crucial that each club has a Venue Safety Plan so the guide offers step-by-step tips on how to create one for your club.

Bullying is an important issue in every workplace and the guide highlights different types of bullying, the effects it may have on those being bullied and steps on how to prevent bullying both for employers/managers and employees. Another major topic addressed is workplace stress. Being stressed is not ideal as it can affect your work in many ways. Causes of

work-related stress, health effects of stress, eliminating or reducing stress and tips on how to alleviate the effects of stress are all discussed.

“I would like to thank all of the sponsors of the Clubs Industry Guide to Workplace Safety

2014/15. Their support has made it possible for the Guide to be distributed free of charge”

– John Hutchings, CEO, Pro-Visual Publishing.

Pro-Visual Publishing is the leading specialist in wall-mounted workplace health & safety, food safety & hygiene and health and wellbeing information resource charts. Each chart is practical and informative, providing a quick reference point for management and staff. Pro- Visual Publishing’s charts are designed to inform, motivate, educate and above all keep people and their workplaces safe!

For further information, or to obtain additional copies of the Guide, please call (02) 82722611, email or visit Media Enquiries or images please contact Deanna Davenport at Pro-Visual Publishing on

(02) 8272 2611 or

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