CLLR Quarterly Newsletter–June 2022

Melbourne and Adelaide July 2022

Here is an opportunity for people learn about SPoR in Melbourne and Adelaide, face-to-face.

Now that Dr Long is semi-retired he has passed on work in SPoR in Victoria to Andrew Thornhill ( and in South Australia and Northern Territory to Matt Thorne (

Both Andrew and Matt have studied more than 20 modules in SPoR with Dr Long over the past 10 years and are Masters in SPoR. Andrew and Matt are currently delivering work in SPoR in Building, Construction and Mining.

Matt and Andrew are proposing 2 workshops:

• 26 July 2022 in Melbourne and,

• 28 July 2022 in Adelaide

You can download the flyer, information on content, speakers and register here:

The cost for each module is $500.

These workshops are introductory and so are suitable for anyone wishing to find out more about human judgment and decision making, why people do what they do and what can be done to better tackle risk using the methodology and methods of SPoR.

Canberra – August 2022

Workshops – MiProfile, Linguistics and Transdisciplinarity

For those wishing to study face to face with Dr Long and Dr Ashhurst, here is your opportunity in Canberra in 8-16 August.

Registration for each module is in each link below.

The following Schedule is Proposed:
MiProfile Diagnostics – 8, 9, 10 August
Registration, information and course structure here:
CLLR Training Centre 10 Jens Place Kambah ACT

Linguistics and Risk – 11,12 August
Registration, information and course structure here:
Venue – Communities at Work Centre
245 Cowlishaw St, Greenway ACT

Transdisciplinarity and Risk – 15,16 August
Registration, information and course structure here:
Venue – Communities at Work Centre
245 Cowlishaw St, Greenway ACT

Semiotic Walk and Winery Tour 13, 14 August
These are a weekend bonus for participants undertaking the combined Linguistics and Transdisciplinary modules
There is no cost for these activities

All Workshops include catering, materials, tools and handouts.

Accommodation suggestions:

Please note: If you are attending more than one module please write to Dr Long for a discount and direct invoicing. Email

Perth October 3-7 October 2022

This is advanced notice for workshops to be held in Perth in October 2022. The two workshops will be held at:
Venue: Flying Angel Club
76 Queen Victoria St Fremantle

Due Diligence 3,4,5 October 2022
Registration, information and course structure here:
This three day module is conducted with Dr Long and Greg Smith

Holistic Ergonomics 6,7 October 2022
Registration, information and course structure here:
This module is presented by Dr Long

If you are interested in the full 5 days of workshops please email Dr Long for a discount. Email

Expressions of Interest: If you are not sure but want to be on the email list contact and Rob will include you on any future communication.

London – 24-30 October 2022

This is an exciting opportunity to join Dr Long and Dr Anand for 5 days of workshops in London. This is a one off visit by Dr Long to London with little likelihood of a return visit.

The structure of the 5 days is as follows:

24 October – Introduction to SPoR

· Understanding the Social Psychology of Risk

· SPoR methods and tools

25 October – Introduction to Semiotics

· Visual learning and practical tools

· Semiotics and the Unconscious

21 October – Mystery Semiotic Walk

· Learn how to semiotic walk

· Learn how to use the SPoR semiotic tool

· Learn how to envision the collective unconscious

22 October SEEK Investigations

· Learn the SPoR principles and methods of investigation

· Critical gaps in orthodox investigations

23 October SEEK Investigations Day Two

· Practice SPoR tools in investigating

Presenters: Dr Robert Long, Dr Nippin Anand and Matt Thorne.

Venue: London Heathrow Marriott Hotel
Bath Road, Heathrow Airport Hayes,
UB3 5AN United Kingdom

A flyer for the program can be downloaded here:

Scroll to the bottom of ‘Events’ and click on the link ‘Social Psychology of Risk SPoR with Dr Robert Long or

When you register simply click on the number of days wanting to attend and add to your cart.

Discount: A discount is available for those who wish to register for all 5 days or for those who register before 24 September. To obtain your discount write to Dr Long ( or Dr Anand (

Registrations of Interest: If you want to go on the mailing list for this event please email:

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