A Critique on Safety Views on Culture

Recently a group of interested people in SPoR from Australia, Argentina, Europe, Canada, Romania and USA had a discussion on commonly accepted views of culture in safety. All participants are highly experienced managers in risk and safety.

The discussion was based on the book Safety Cultures, Safety Models particularly chapters by Hopkins (4) and Cooper (5).

You can view the Zoom discussion here: https://vimeo.com/780545440

The format was run similarly to a University tutorial where various academic ideas are open to critique and discussion.

The discussion produced a concept map of contributions see, Figure 1. Map of Discussion on Culture.

Figure 1. Map of Discussion on Culture.


The discussion was based on each person’s reading of the chapters and generally discussed perceptions and ideas based upon a SPoR worldview of culture, and its implications for understanding risk and safety.

Discussion on Hopkins and Cooper Chapters.mp4 from CLLR on Vimeo.

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