An Advanced Understanding of Culture – A Video

When it comes to a discussion on culture, the risk and safety industry leaves out any discussion of the lost critical elements of culture. These are the safety silences on culture ( ).

In SPoR, we propose a completely different understanding of culture as a ‘wicked problem’ best tackled through Semiotics and Poetics. To entertain and even take seriously these disciplines, one needs a Transdisciplinary view where disciplines other than Safety are validated.

One of the first steps to understand culture in a mature and professional way is to have a Transdisciplinary approach. This means no discipline (including Spirituality, Metaphysics and Religion) are NOT out of bounds. Indeed, if we are to take persons seriously, we must first of all consider the way they see the world. This means that you are a First nations person who cleanses the spirits in cultural smoking ceremony, so be it.

It is nothing short of laughable to look at Safety talk about culture with no expertise in a host of critical disciplines essential for a discussion of culture. No wonder the common theme in safety on culture is confusion. You want to know about culture read the book written by a chemical engineer. This is what Safety does.

The introductory level video on culture is below and here: 

The new advanced level video on culture is below and here:

Of course, hidden in this video is the necessity to understand everything from Semiotics, Semiosphere, Anthropology, Religion, Poetics, Lotman, Social Psychology and Jung – all things amateur Safety has no interest. No wonder Culture is confusing and abusive (Hopkins).

One thing safety is sure of, is none of these disciplines have anything to say to Safety about culture ( ).

If you are interested in understanding culture there is plenty of help available and its free, such as the course running at the moment.

Of course, there is a positive constructive and practical approach to culture that can be ‘learned’. If you want to know more just drop me an email.

Culture Cloud from Human Dymensions on Vimeo.

Culture Advanced Understanding.mp4 from CLLR on Vimeo.


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