A Clean Lab is a Safe Lab

A Clean Lab is a Safe Lab

Laboratory Guide to Workplace Safety (NZ) 2015 – Released

NZ1-5---Chart-Image-Half-72dpiLaboratories are vulnerable to hazardous and dangerous situations. Therefore, it is essential that all risks are identified, assessed, monitored and reviewed to ensure a safe working environment for all workers. Due to this, Pro-Visual Publishing, in collaboration with Science Industry Australia (SIA) and the Australasian Laboratory Managers Association (ALMA), have released their 2015 edition of the Laboratory Guide to Workplace Safety (NZ).

Additional topics on this year’s guide include housekeeping. Good housekeeping practices ensure that hazards are greatly minimised, therefore the guide offers a list of rules for housekeeping that can be applied to every laboratory as well as what to do in the event of a chemical spill. Chemical classification and labelling is another topic explored in this year’s guide, which is used to classify hazardous chemicals that are harmful to workers. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) should be used to identify information about the hazards uses and risk management of the chemical in the workplace.

“I would like to thank all of the sponsors of the Laboratory Guide to Workplace Safety (NZ) 2015. Their support has made it possible for the guide to be distributed free of charge”, said John Hutchings, CEO, Pro-Visual Publishing.

Pro-Visual Publishing is the leading specialist in wall-mounted workplace health & safety, food safety & hygiene and health and wellbeing information resource charts. Each chart is practical and informative, providing a quick reference point for management and staff. Pro-Visual Publishing’s charts are designed to inform, motivate, educate and above all keep people and their workplaces safe!

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