Another Free Safety Ebook

Another Free Safety Ebook – “Learning How to Facilitate Learning”

Facilitate LearningThe late George Robotham’s 6th Ebook: Learning to Facilitate Learning.

Learning How to Facilitate Learning

By George Robotham

Facilitating learning has been an important part of my professional life, something I have enjoyed a lot, something I have learnt from and something I have worked hard to develop expertise in. This e book critically reflects on my experience facilitating learning and attempts to share lessons I have learnt from my experiences.

I have found facilitating learning has been a very effective way of driving significant OHS change.

One of the activities we all do in business is “training” others. It is my contention that modern adult learning principles are not practiced frequently or well in general “training” in industry and in consequence the learning experience is not as successful as it could be.

Table of Contents


Job 1 – Australian Army

Job 2 – National Safety Council of Australia

Job 3 – Utah Blackwater Mine

Job 4 – Utah Norwich Park Mine

Job 5 – Safety Training Role

Job 6 – Utah Brisbane Office

Adult Learning Principles and Process – Back to Basics






Learning programs

Evaluation of Learning

20 Sure-Fire Ways to Stuff-up a Learning Program

Jobs 7,8 & 9

Supervisor Safety Learning Program

Development of an Effective Learning Program

Learning needs analysis

Supervisor Skills Development

Lessons from Above



My aim with this e book is for others facilitating learning to learn from my mistakes and my learning and experiences.

Learning versus Training

Modern practice is to refer to the processes by which learning is facilitated as learning not training. There are many explanations for this but one that has struck a chord for me is “Training is what others do to us, learning is what we do to ourselves”

The following reflects on some jobs I have had and what I have learnt about facilitating learning.

George’s 6th Ebook: Learning to Facilitate Learning. Download this Ebook Here

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