7 Golden Rules that are NOT Golden

The more you look into the so called ‘7 golden rules of zero’, the more you realise just how much zero toxifies the process of tackling risk. Have a look at the checklist with so called ‘golden rule’ two and have a look at the language.

What is noticed first is that all of this is just traditional safety, more of the same. Indeed, zero is the mantra for stasis, so it becomes the symbol of non-innovation and non-learning.

Then we see this: ‘Our risk assessment also encompasses health aspects, including mental health.

Hmmm, and on what basis, skill and competence is Safety able to countenance mental health? And here it is, coupled with the same checklist item as hazardous substances, noise and vibration??? WTF? Only Zero could think there was any relationship between the two.

Zero has never been interested in mental health, neither has Safety. There is no space in any safety curriculum globally for anything associated with mental health. So, on what basis, skills, experience and intelligence is this going to be undertaken? Of course, with the hierarchy of controls because, didn’t you know, psychosocial health is a ‘hazard’! (https://safetyrisk.net/what-is-psychosocial-safety/)

As sure as you read any of this language you know that Safety/Zero has not a clue about mutuality/reciprocation when it comes to mental health.

Mutuality and reciprocation are essential to claim anything as a ‘golden rule’. So, this is NOT a golden rule. There is nothing in this set of so called ‘7 golden rules’ that has anything about mutuality or reciprocation. Everything is framed by the guiding mantra – zero!

The checklist for this rule is all about objects. It’s all guided by numerics and metrics, there is nothing in this about persons, care, helping, listening or psychosocial risk!

Then we get this:

I am aware that the number of near misses and critical incidents that are reported demonstrate the culture of trust in my enterprise.

So, I wonder how you get a ‘culture of trust’ when you don’t know what culture is and brutalise people in the name of zero? And all linked to ‘enterprise’ not to community or people.

All of this is just traditional zero/safety. There is nothing innovative, creative or helpful about these checklists. Just keep doing more of the same and promise to get to zero. Then, count all the times you don’t achieve it. All of this is just an excuse to enact brutalism in the name of zero.

There is a positive and constructive practical alternative to all of this. In SPoR, we offer methods that work (https://www.humandymensions.com/product/it-works-a-new-approach-to-risk-and-safety-book-for-free-download/) that are founded on: mutuality, reciprocation, Socialitie, care, helping and listening. It is only when such attributes are in place that something can be claimed to be ‘golden’.


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