10 Questions for Safe Christmas Driving

Originally posted on December 1, 2013 @ 12:10 PM

10 Questions for Safe Christmas Driving

imageGreat advice from Dr Rob Long from www.humandymensions.com

1.  Are the conditions for driving unfavourable? (raining, night time or ‘packed’ roads) If in doubt, slow down.

2.  If you need to reverse, have you had a second look?

3.  What’s the rush? Build time into your trip, relax and enjoy Christmas.

4.  What is your distance to the next vehicle? Are you at least three seconds away?

5.  Have you had a good night’s sleep? Are you eating well and fit to drive? Plan for breaks every two hours and swap drivers if you can.

6.  Do you have the distance to overtake? If not, just wait a bit and new opportunity to overtake will come in a few minutes.

7.  Are you sometimes distracted? You can always call or text back for a missed call once you pull over.

8.  Have you had a drink or on medication? If in doubt delay the trip or change drivers.

9.  Is your vehicle in good ‘nick’? Tyres OK, serviced and brakes?

10. Where are you going?

Won’t it be good to get to your destination safely and enjoy the fun and love of Depositphotos_14896327_xsChristmas.

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