What Are the Benefits Of Social Psychology of Risk?

clip_image002One of the most frequent questions I get asked when introducing the concepts of Social Psychology of Risk is “what are the benefits?”

This is hard for some organisations who want a tangible or a measurable, something for a shareholder to marvel at. Shifts in thinking, attitudes, beliefs and culture are not physically evident, but they can most surely be felt. Ask anyone what an organisation’s culture is like and they intrinsically know, it’s either good or bad. They probably cannot tell what is in their culture. Nothing is measurable.

When to talking one of my current clients, who requested that I bring in SPoR, they know it is practicable, it is doable and It Works from previous experiences at other sites! Ask Brian Darlington from Mondi. Method and Methodology.

So wanting to be able to give a more complete answer, we had a chat with Dr Rob Long.


Andrew Thornhill and myself are holding an Introduction to Social Psychology of Risk, Tuesday July 26th in Melbourne, Thursday July 28th in Adelaide.


Matt and Andrew chat with Dr Rob Long from Matthew Thorne on Vimeo.

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