Talking About Teams

Talking About Teams

Next in the video series on Safety Silences ( ) is a discussion about teams. Whilst there is much discussion in safety about teams, groups and organizing, much is often poorly defined. Indeed, so often meaning is assumed in discussions in safety as if there is such a thing a ‘common sense’. However, just as culture is poorly defined so too is safety discussion on teams, learning and maturity. Hence the need to make this the next discussion in the series.

In this set of videos on ‘Talking About Teams’, Dr Ashhurst and Dr Long raise many concerns about linear models of team development, stages of teams and attributing universality to models.

The three videos are here:


In these discussions, critical issues regarding: models, linear thinking, multidisciplinarity, interdisciplinarity, transdisciplinarity, metaphorical thinking and multi-models are discussed.

What we often see in discussion in safety about teams, learning and culture is simplistic binary behaviourist thinking that imagine that risk is NOT a wicked problem.

In this video series Dr Long and Dr Ashhurst open up discussion to critical thinking towards much greater complexity and realism in the way we ought to think about teams and risk.


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