LinkedIn OHS Forums

LinkedIn OHS Forums

Classic by the late George Robotham.

imageBeing a bit of an OHS enthusiast I have to say the LinkedIn OHS forums are a fantastic resource. Prior to this we only had a S.I.A. discussion forum that was restricted to S.I.A. members and had a number of limitations.

I read and participate in a number of the LinkedIn OHS discussion forums. The personalities of the contributors show through in their posts. Some comments are poorly researched, come from a narrow knowledge base and display a resistance to change. Some display fuzzy logic in their arguments. Some are very insightful and very helpful.

The LinkedIn forums allow frank discussions on a range of OHS topics and I have to say I have learnt a lot from it.

Regardless of the standard of debate that sometimes occurs the thing that cannot fail to impress is the extreme passion for OHS that the contributors display. To my mind a fire in the guts is a very important part of being an OHS person. Safety is very much a people game and the passion for safety displayed on OHS forums says there is hope for the OHS business in Australia despite the numerous challenges.

I see the development of this Riskex safety blog as a natural off shoot of the LinkedIn OHS forums. There is often interesting and thought provoking safety discussion on this blog. The blog has an international reach and I have discovered it influences OHS professionals in many countries.

OHS people can become depressed and view we are not making a difference. As far as I am concerned the LinkedIn OHS forums are a positive reflection of OHS people in Australia and we should be proud of our efforts.

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