Keeping up to date with Australian Safety Standards for free!

Keeping up to date with Australian Safety Standards for free!

If it is vital for you to keep up to date with changes to Standards then you can pay $39.00 for a single license with Standards Watch to stay informed on up to 50 Standards. Prices for this range up to $7900 for a Large Business License to watch over 50 Standards. MORE INFO HERE at SAI Global.

We just found out about a new service that promises the same service for free!. Just register your email and what standards you are interested in. We have asked for more info about the service, who is behind it and how it works. We have just heard back from the guy behind this, David Webster.

David subscribes to StandardsWatch and then notifies his registered users of relevant  changes. Visit the Site. See our list of Free Australian Standards Guides HERE SAI Global are giving away free standards for a limited time. There is quite a few on the list. Not the most common ones of course but you may find something useful there.

Most of the Australian Standards are Health Care Standards, most of the other standards are do with electrical and communications: CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

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