Is this Your Safety?

The marketing for the Zero Congress in November in Sydney has started 3 months prior to the fiasco and there’s no doubt about it, Safety is the industry that just keeps on giving.

But don’t just believe me, just look at the key messages.

First cab off the rank is Zero. Here’s your zero invitation from p. 7 Congress Program).

There you go, Zero gets 4 mentions and the most repeated language in the message. Don’t be in doubt, this is a Zero congress for the Zero Industry with Zero as the Common Denominator (

The reality is, Zero is the greatest cause of mental health harm and psychosocial harm in all of industry. There is no greater cause of brutalism than this religious mantra, ideology and psychosis (

This message of Zero works in really well with the ‘clarion call’ for the Congress about mental health. Please note the word ‘hazards’ is silenced when the language of psychosocial health is concerned in the program.

Of course, a clarion call is a ‘demand’, typical of an industry that never speaks of power, ethics, learning, relationships, persons, care or helping. These are all missing from the discourse of the program.

After all, if you are going to brutalise people in the name of good, you must ensure that ethics is NOT on the program.

Note the language change. The language of ‘hazards’ is omitted, when it is the title of every Standard and Code of Practice.

Next is a range of animations for the Zero Congress that saturate social media with typical safety messaging. Such as, Safety is About:

Hard Hats and Checklists.

Slips, Trips and Falls

The Addiction to Measurement

Mental Health is About Machines

Mental Health is About Masses of Paperwork

There is no doubt about this one, masses of paperwork will give you a mental health condition and is of course madness because the more you do, the more it will be used against you in court:

Wellness is About Productivity and Retention

How to Manage New Forms of Risk Like, Driving a Truck


This language resonates well with fundamentalist evangelical stuff, just like the apocalyptic video – Spirit of Zero In the Blink of an Eye. ( Just watch the video how Zero restores limbs and bodies in. the same language as St Paul.


So, we see nothing new in any of this despite all the spin of innovation and creativity. It’s the same old tired safety stuff but with a more expensive price tag.

And all the associations will be there singing the same hymns from the same song sheet and, nothing will change. More zero, more of the same, more brutalism announced as ‘good’.

The evidence is pictured above. Is this your safety?


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